2016 Piknic Électronik® Campaign

Culinary photographer Virginie Gosselin was a fan of the work done by Ethos and wanted to join forces with the agency one day. The 2016 Piknic Électronik campaign has made her wish come true.

In response to a request for proposals from Piknic Électronik, Gabriel Lefebvre and Rachel Lecompte of Ethos developed a concept inspired by a personal project of Virginie Gosselin, Painted II. Piknic Électronik was delighted by the word/image relationship promoting the event and mandated Ethos and Virginie Gosselin to create its campaign.

The contemporary style of Virginie Gosselin’s photos and meticulous image processing by Visual Box do justice to Ethos’s fresh, colorful and inviting concept!

According to Zetä founder Patricia Doss, it’s a fine example of a project capturing the essence of the company’s vision – a talent for creating together. “This sublime campaign was created through the skills and expertise of each person as well as the opportunity provided by Piknic Électronik,” says Patricia.

It shows that personal projects not only push the boundaries of creativity, but sometimes initiate major campaigns!

Piknic Électronik is a key summer event in Montreal with a growing international reputation. The visuals will travel to Barcelona, Lisbon, Melbourne, Sydney, Santiago and Dubai.
Client: Piknic Électronik
Concept, copywriting and art direction: Gabriel Lefebvre and Rachel Lecompte (Ethos)
Photos: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Image Editing: Visual Box
Paintwork: Marianne Stratis