Éduc’alcool: a campaign produced with humour and a light touch

Talent to spare, a forward-thinking client and a creative concept – put these ingredients together and the result is an Éduc’alcool advertising campaign that speaks to young imaginations!

With the support of its client Sonia Duguay of Éduc’alcool, Zetä pushes the limits of production to create powerful visuals for educating young people. “We’ve been working with Éduc’alcool for eight years. In that time, we’ve developed a special rapport with our client. This rewarding relationship allows us to work as partners in a climate of trust, which sets the scene for creating the best possible campaign,” says Patricia Doss, the founder of Zetä and director and producer of the campaign.

Everyone had a hand in carrying out this ambitious project. While Patricia was buying a toilet for a bathroom scene, makeup artist and hairdresser Virginie was looking for the best way to create a pillow line on an actor’s face. Meanwhile, photographer Félix provided various objects needed to create a realistic setting, down to the smallest detail. All that hard work culminated in the creation of two movie posters starring young people with hangovers. Mission accomplished!

Advertiser: Éduc’alcool - Sonia Duguay
Copywriter: Benoît Trottier
Art Director: Jean-Luc Bonin
Photographer: Félix Renaud
Production Manager: Zetä Production
Makeup Artist and Hairdresser: Virginie Bachand
Stylist: Christine Brant (Folio)
Casting: Frédérique Denault (Zetä)
Actors: Jérémie Pratte and Jelena Djukic