Virginie Gosselin for Google


From Mountain View, California, to Montreal, Quebec

On a beautiful summer's day, Virginie Gosselin, a young up-and-coming Montreal photographer, receives an email from Google.

It was the beginning of an unexpected collaboration.

November 2017

In her Montreal studio, Virginie designs a series of photos for Atelier Make, a small ceramics boutique. Having total freedom, she creates monochrome photos by playing with the colour contrasts between still life and living material.

June 2018

At Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Art Director Steve Czech and Visual Design Lead Brendan Callahan are considering how to renew the image of Google Shopping.

Through the medium of photography, they want to give new life to this lesser known platform, which has existed for many years.

Google wishes to use monochrome imagery based on its four emblematic colours, blue, red, yellow and green, to convey its brand and promote the categories of objects sold. Steve and Brendan create various mood boards to illustrate this artistic approach.

Using their own search engine, Google Images, they discover that many of the photos in their mood boards are the work of a certain Virginie Gosselin.

July 31, 2018

Virginie receives an unexpected email from Google saying that her work has caught their attention, and they want to talk to her soon about a future project.

Virginie and her agent, Patricia Doss (Zetä Production), prepare their proposal to develop the imagery for Google Shopping.

Mid-August 2018

Virginie and Zetä Production are awarded the mandate to create the imagery for Google Shopping.