Grafika 2016: Adrien Williams captures the jury

An angular setting, clean graphic lines and the play of light and shadow – Adrien Williams takes a structured approach to his portraits of the Grafika competition jury. One by one, all eight members of the jury for the 19th edition of the competition appeared before the artist’s lens. Their black outfits against a white background attract the eye and accentuate depth. Using modern frames for the portraits, Adrien Williams highlights both his subjects and their graphic environment.

Louis Gagnon, Creative Director of Paprika, is President of the jury, which is composed of:

  • Cynthia Savard Saucier, Lead UX Designer, Shopify
  • Azamit, Creative Director – Style Expert, Founder of souk@sat
  • Catherine D’Amours, Partner and Artistic Director, Nouvelle Administration
  • Olivier Charland, Freelance Art Director
  • Léo Breton-Allaire, Graphic Designer and Partner, Caserne
  • Yann Mooney, Executive Creative Director and Partner, Sid Lee
  • Isabelle Allard, Artistic Director, Cossette.

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