Photographer and influencer Jeff Frenette joins Zetä


The influential photographer, blogger and instagrammer Jeff Frenette joins Zetä’s team. Creator of photos, videos and written content, he has a taste for beautiful things and an eye for detail that bring out his works of the lot. His passion for travel, cooking and lifestyle leads him to carry out mandates all over the planet. Graphic designer in another life, he loves to tell stories that spice up his unique and authentic vision. In his professional projects as on his blog, the artist has the gift of transforming everyday scenes into extraordinary images.

Since choosing to dive 100% in this world, Jeff Frenette has taken part in numerous national and international campaigns. His clients include renowned companies such as Air Canada, National Bank, Chevrolet, LG, VIA Rail, Tourisme Québec, Tourism Israel and many others. He also signed the photos of the bestseller “Ces galettes dont tout le monde parle” from Madame Labriski. Although Jeff appreciates photo shoots in studio, his dada is spontaneous creations. “I always have my camera with me. I’m constantly in design mode. Often, when I publish a cliché of a place or an event, people tell me “I was there too and I did not see that in that way”, says the content creator, always searching for the magic moment and the perfect framing to capture his images.


Jeff Frenette in figures

To present Jeff Frenette, one of Quebec’s most popular influencer, the numbers speak for themselves. Owning an Instagram account since the launch of the platform on October 6, 2010, the content creator has built a strong and committed community thanks to his seasoned eye. Today, 65,000 Instagram subscribers follow him in his adventures in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. These are hundreds of thousands of impressions per week and thousands of unique views per publication. In addition, his blog, Jeff on the Road, already attracts 3,000 unique visitors per month, generating 5,000 pages monthly since its launch last January.


An enhanced offer for Zetä

Jeff Frenette’s know-how and creative vision are in every respect consistent with Zetä’s philosophy and its’ desire to go beyond the needs of the customer. “In addition to offering a turnkey product for high-quality print and video productions, we are now offering more coverage to our clients’ campaigns. The arrival of Jeff in Zetä’s team positions us as an avant-garde leader in our field”, says Patricia Doss, founder of Zetä Production.