Google Shopping has entrusted the imagery of its online experience to Virginie Gosselin


Known for her sensitivity and unique way of capturing the magic of everyday objects, the 28-year-old photographer was discovered on Google by Google. In the midst of their own creative endeavor, the California team was looking for the artist behind the many photos that had become part of their mood boards.


  • Photographer : Virginie Gosselin
  • Agent and production manager: Patricia Doss
  • Art Directors : Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez and Camille Boyer
  • Photo retouching : Visual Box
  • Set construction : Louis (Luigi) Fortin and Joseph Horvath (5e mandat)
  • 1er assistants photographers : Mathieu Guérin and Don Loga
  • 2e assistant photographer : Audrée Mc Mahon
  • Digitech : Stéphane Losq
  • Assistants to Art Directors : Léa Cadieux, Camille Bégin, Evelyn Morin, Camille Barrantes, Juliette Leblanc, Audrey Saint-Laurent and Sergio Gudino
  • Stylist (accessories) : Caroline Simon (5e mandat)
  • Vidéo « Behind the scene » : Raphaëlle Rousseau and Simon ‘Ronny’ Lebrun, Content Content