“Google found me on Google”

Young Montreal photographer Virginie Gosselin catches the attention of the Silicon Valley giant

MONTREAL, January 20th, 2020 – Google has entrusted the imagery for its online shopping experience (Google Shopping) to Montreal photographer Virginie Gosselin and Zetä Production.

Known for her sensitivity and unique way of capturing the magic of everyday objects, the 28-year-old photographer was discovered on Google by Google. In the midst of their own creative endeavor, the California team was looking for the artist behind the many photos that had become part of their mood boards.

Since then, Virginie Gosselin with the collaboration of her agent, Patricia Doss (Zetä Production), two artistic directors, Rodrigo Sergio and Camille Boyer, as well as prop stylists, photo assistants and even a chef have hosted the Google Shopping team on five occasions to produce nearly 100 photos and four animations.

Read the press release, Google Shopping – Virginie Gosselin

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