Latest news

  1. Virginie Gosselin home studio 2.0 during Covid-19

    Our photographer Virginie Gosselin has set-up a home studio in order to work 2.0 during the Covid-19. Virginie has assembled essentials in order to shoot product and culinary concepts during the confinement period. Don’t hesitate to call or email us for any of your online or print needs.  

  2. Google Shopping has entrusted the imagery of its online experience to Virginie Gosselin

    Known for her sensitivity and unique way of capturing the magic of everyday objects, the 28-year-old photographer was discovered on Google by Google. In the midst of their own creative endeavor, the California team was looking for the artist behind the many photos that had become part of their mood boards.


    Last June, the agency Polygraphe worked on a mandate for Le Creuset Canada, arenowned brand in the world of kitchen utensils and cookware. The Polygraphe team recommended the Zetä Production photographer Virginie Gosselin for the project.

  4. Zetä Production’s 10th anniversary celebrated on Infopresse

    The team of Zetä Production recently celebrated 10 years of creativity. By investing on the “talent of creating together”, the team of photographers reached its 10 years mark. The president, Patricia Doss, shares her vision of the company.

  5. Virginie Gosselin & Antonin Rivard-Mousseau for Québec Science magazine

    Our photographer Virginie Gosselin recently collaborated with renowned Montréal chef Antonin Rivard-Mousseau for the Québec Science magazine – July-August 2017 edition. Their food section explores the science of taste in all its forms and presents some original creations of Le Mousso’s chef, immortalized by Virginie Gosselin.

  6. Rendez-vous by Virginie Gosselin

    Virginie Gosselin presents her recent personal project “Rendez-vous”, a creative trompe-l’oeil who plays on the prospects while re-using a culinary styling from the 60’s to the 80’s, carefully designed by Heidi Bronstein. Accessories styling was executed by Pierce Atkinson.

  7. Photographer and influencer Jeff Frenette joins Zetä

    The influential photographer, blogger and instagrammer Jeff Frenette joins Zetä’s team. Creator of photos, videos and written content, he has a taste for beautiful things and an eye for detail that bring out his works of the lot.

  8. Lux 2017 : Our photographers rewarded

    Every year, Infopresse rewards 100 best images with Lux contest.

  9. Éduc’alcool 2017 student campaign by Félix Renaud

    “Si tu ne t’en rappelles pas…” is the latest campaign from Éduc’alcool and will be displayed in cégeps and universities all around the province of Québec. The concept illustrates some behaviors that can be caused by alcohol and that are likely to leave tracks on social medias and to affect someone’s reputation.