Latest news

  1. Zetä welcomes talented photographer Félix Renaud

    Félix Renaud likes photographs that arouse different emotions. He creates scenes and moods that are true to each subject photographed and story told. A specialist in portraits and products, whatever the mandate, his works are always well planned and carefully crafted.

  2. In the fast lane with Ford Mustang

    The founder of Zetä, Patricia Doss, didn’t hesitate for a second when Blue Hive suggested she produce a photo shoot for Ford Mustang, even though it had to be done quickly.

  3. Damian Siqueiros signs the new 2016-17 campaign for the Grands Ballets

    Recognized as one of the best movement photographers, Damian Siqueiros is working with Les Grands Ballet for a sixth consecutive year.

  4. Lux photo prizes for Virginie Gosselin and Adrien Williams

    Congrats to our photographers Virginie Gosselin and Adrien Williams for their Lux photo prizes last night!

  5. Anne-Marie Cadieux between the shadow and the light by Adrien Williams

    Adrien Williams decided to stage the great actress Anne-Marie Cadieux at the iconic Habitat 67.

  6. “The Day After by Educalcool”

    Zetä is thrilled to have produced this fantastic ad campaign “The Day After by Educalcool”.

  7. The Natrel Mac & Cheese Challenge by Virginie Gosselin

    Culinary photographer Virginie Gosselin attacked the Natrel Mac & Cheese Challenge with as much determination as a marathon runner.

  8. Two Zetä artists receive 2016 Applied Arts awards

    Virginie Gosselin and Adrien Williams are among the select list of photographers to win an Applied Arts Award this year.

  9. The Nutcracker TV spot of The Grands Ballets directed by Damian Siqueiros

    Zetä is thrilled to present The Nutcracker TV spot of The Grands Ballets directed by Damian Siqueiros and our sublime team ! We invite you to book your tickets here: https://www.grandsballets.