Frédérique Denault


Frédérique has a bright, engaging personality and has always been drawn to the creative scene. Her talent for problem-solving is second to none, and she’ll eagerly take on any task that’s needed: street casting, set décor, even modeling! Consider her one part serene flower, one part production prodigy.


Frédérique (Frédou) personifies the company’s ideals of dedication, professionalism, discretion, and harmony. Her extensive background in music has always drawn her to the creative scene—be it in photography, set design, or style. Among her many assets is her talent for on-the-spot innovative problem solving. Bright and engaging and serene as a flower, she is also a formidable multitasker, who eagerly fulfills her role of casting, coordinating calls, scouting, preparing presentations, assisting with set décor, and whatever else is needed.

If you don’t see her buzzing around the production world, she’s likely playing her French horn in an ensemble or practicing yoga.


  • Banque Nationale du Canada
  • Ford social media campaign
  • Air Transat
  • Educ'alcool

I sensed I was in good hands from my very first meeting with Patricia and her Montreal- and Toronto-based Zetä team. The quality of the photos, production, castings, scouting, and post-production—not to mention their respect of our (of course!) very tight deadlines—well surpassed my expectations. What’s more, it was a sheer joy! So much did the agency and I enjoy our first experience working with Zetä that we returned to them for numerous major national ad campaigns for Ford.

Martin Dessureaux, Associate Creative Director, Y&R Brands